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Don Giller shows…and tells!

Tom Yang worked for Dave now works on his cars!

Chris Schukei held a pile of raw meat in the park for hours and lived to tell about it

Molly Sweet stole at least one potato from the NBC commissary and finally comes clean about it

David Plummer started as an intern and ended up as Siskel and Ebert’s final executive producer? Darn right he did!

Chris Harris might be the only guy to write for Letterman, Frasier, and the guy who played ‘Doogie Howser’

Mike Summers was a sociology major and ended up an intern at Letterman? You Bet!

Vinnie Favale is back and we can mostly hear him! The network exec that was NOT a pinhead!

Harvey Goldberg has been in the music world of The Late Show for decades still loves every minute of it

Tige Rodgers is a brilliant morning show host, but got his start with Letterman

Meet Mike Chisholm

Mike Chisholm is the enthusiastic host of The Letterman Podcast. Born and raised in Kelowna BC Canada, Mike possesses a fierce adoration of the greatest body of broadcasting work in history, that of David Letterman & Company. He has committed to preserving and transferring the stories, behind the scenes insights, and of course the phenomenal moments from Dave’s shows by talking to people who worked for the productions, appeared on or were touched by the shows, and people who are part of the Letterman enthusiast community. Mike has written a Letterman Manifesto and now launched the Letterman Podcast as his way of sharing his love of all things Dave.

He lives in Kelowna BC with his wife Candace, and is the host of HeCast, the official podcast of He Changed It, the men’s mental wellness app Candace founded.